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FAQ: Welcome

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing. While there are many varieties of terrain, distances, and formats, it always features running (usually of a kilometer or more) AND obstacles, and thus appeals to athletes that want to challenge themselves in a multitude of modes of fitness. It differs from disciplines like ninja insofar as it involves running as an equally important component. 

What do you mean when you say "endurance?"

Simply enduring. For some people a mile means endurance. Have you ever tried to do 5 legless rope climbs or hang from a bar for a minute or fought in a wrestling match for 30 seconds? All of those things are grueling feats of endurance for some. It's tough to define because endurance's definition varies so greatly discipline to discipline and person to person. Furthermore, endurance is defined so often by time, which is a construct to begin with! Our goal is to help our athletes cultivate their ability to endure, whatever it may be that that they want to endure, so that they can enjoy the process and the payoff! The main reason endurance is so essential to develop is that it helps us steel our mind and our will. Often, the longer an endeavor persists, the more mentally demanding it becomes, as opposed to physically demanding. In that process, we develop the grit and strain of endurance necessary to attacking life and all the adversity it throws at us. 

What are the benefits of OCR?

There are A LOT! Bruce Lee is quotes as saying, "the obstacle is the way," and that "the further we run from the problem[/obstacle], the further we place ourselves from the solution." Many adults are drawn to OCR because they appreciate the variety and challenge that obstacles bring as opposed to more traditional modes of racing like road and trail running. Training for and competing in OCRs thus produces well-rounded athletes with upper, lower, and core body strength. Research shows hat such balanced strength not only improves overall fitness and longevity, but also prevents injury! Furthermore, such endeavors have also proven that there are "neurological and cognitive benefits from fast-paced obstacle courses - training the body and brain to communicate more efficiently and to have a coordinated effort in movement as well as every day tasks.

We at Maven are also huge proponents of the confidence and self-empowerment that can come as a result of competing and training for OCR.  When athletes teach themselves through repetition that they CAN run, they CAN lift heavy things, that they CAN assess, attack, and overcome obstacles, the self-reliance and self-confidence that can grow from such perseverance and subsequent accomplishment can be life-altering in their magnitude. 

What about injuries?

Injuries come with the territory, as they do with any athletic endeavor. (Or even non-athletic endeavors, but that's a longer conversation for a different Q&A!) At the end of the day, injuries are simply feedback, mostly our bodies trying to tell us something.  We get to determine if we listen and then what we do with that information! The best news is that in training for OCR and other endurance events, we are presented with the opportunity to develop greater proprioception skills, be more in touch with our body, and improve our overall health!

This seems really hard, is it?

It can be. But it is also incredibly accessible. Anyone and that means anyone can do OCR; young, old, in shape, out of shape, girl, boy, para-athlete, aspiring athlete, ANYONE! Whatever your excuse is to not at least try, there is someone out there who didn't let them stop them, I promise you. You train, you race, you do what YOU can DO! It's really that simple.  It definitely can be hard, if you give it your all and work at it. Most things in life worth doing ARE hard. We are pretty confident that you will also find that once you go out there and crush it, whether it be a training session, block, or race itself, it feels absolutely phenomenal. Don't let your fear of the difficulty stop your from achieving big, awesome things. 

I have about 8000 other questions.....

That totally makes sense.  There's a lot going on. Good news is that you can send all your questions to us, and we are more than happy to answer! Reach out via email to or visit our Contact Page.

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