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The word, MAVEN (מבין) , comes from Hebrew and means, “one who understands.” We started Maven with the goal of helping others better understand themselves, the world around them, and the outer limits of their capabilities. We take on this status as a pursuit, a goal, rather than a state of being, while appreciate that it may be one of futility.  We may never understand in totality, but we appreciate the fruits of that pursuit regardless. 


At MAVEN, our chief aim is to help others set, attack, and conquer their biggest goals. During that process, we instruct and guide our athletes as they develop endurance and obstacle proficiency as essential tools to help them achieve their wildest dreams and find the outer edges of their limitations.

Setting big, often scary goals can be challenging and daunting. Those challenges can be more approachable when you have a community supporting you to celebrate the wins, big or small, and to learn from the failures. 

All those that desire to, can commit the MAVEN pledge, which can be found below.

I positively and relentlessly attest that


I am a MAVEN, meaning that I am on a journey and that…

I seek understanding of myself and my limitations

I will care for and invest in the one body, one mind, and one spirit that I have been given

I am capable of hard things

I am worthy of hard work

I am worthy of commitment

I am worthy of sacrifice

I am worthy of accountability

I am worthy of investment

I am worthy of loyalty

I am worthy of big, exciting, scary goals

I will not be bound by comfort zones

I will fail in my pursuits at times, but

I will continue to pursue, for

I can and will endure

I can and will overcome obstacles

And, in so committing to myself, I also commit to supporting and encouraging others that are in the arena, working hard to find, grow, and re-define their own limitations.
I am

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